From June 15-18th, 2017 the New York City-based gallery Cheim & Read will be participating at this year's edition of Art Basel in Switzerland featuring works by artists: Ghada Amer, Donald Baechler, Lynda Benglis, Louise Bourgeois, William Eggleston, Louise Fishman, Adam Fuss, Ron Gorchov, Al Held, Jenny Holzer, Bill Jensen, Chantal Joffe, Jonathan Lasker, McDermont & McGough, Barry McGee, Joan Mitchell, Jack Pierson, Serge Poliakoff, Tal R, Milton Resnick, Sean Scully and Juan Uslé.

The works on display in “a mantle of,” Hanna Pettyjohn’s new solo exhibition [June 7th, July 8th, 2017] at Silverlens Galleries, enrich a narrative developed in prior shows – from her use of clay poured on the ground in her earliest show in 2006, “The Elaborate Nest Between Child & Breast,” to the 2015 trio of “By Land or By Air” (Silverlens, Manila), “A Web of When and Where” (Mind Set Art Center, Taipei), and “Neither Here Nor There” (Cultural Center of the Philippines for the Thirteen Artists

From June 13-18th, 2017 in Basel, Switzerland, the NYC-based Gallery Chamber will be participating at the global forum for design, Design Miami/ Basel at the Messe Basel.

Established in 2014 in the Chelsea neighborhood, Chamber is a gallery exhibition space devoted to exclusive limited editions and one-of-a-kind works of art and design.

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Following celebration of the Fair’s first 25 years, the launch of a new publication documenting Argentina’s art scene and  the presentation of a new exhibition format, arteBA Focus, the year 2017 also marks the beginning of a new phase of  growth for arteBA Fundación, both as an institution and an international art fair. 

In this context, arteBA announces its 26th  edition, which invites reflection on contemporary art’s present as well as its future.

WUM NEWS LONDON–Alison Jacques Gallery presents the gallery's second solo exhibition by Cuban-born artist, Ana Mendieta (b. 1948 Havana, Cuba; d. 1985 New York City, NY).

This is the first solo show of Ana Mendieta's work in the UK since her retrospective Traces, curated by Stephanie Rosenthal at the Hayward Gallery in 2013.

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Jean-Michel Basquiat joined "joined the pantheon of great, great artists" Thursday night, when the late painter's 1982 work Untitled sold for a record-breaking $110.5 million at auction — the highest sum ever paid at auction for a U.S.-produced artwork.

That breathless assessment was offered after the sale by Oliver Barker, chairman of Sotheby's Europe. So you can imagine just how thrilled the buyer must have been.

From May 11th to July 14th, 2017  Ace Gallery in Los Angeles will be presenting a solo exhibition entitled "Out of Phase" by German-born, Berlin-based artist Caroline Kryzecki and curated by Joaquín Ramírez. 

The re-contextualization of Kryzecki’s ballpoint pen works from their origins in Berlin to their current Los Angeles situation (Out of Phase, 2016-2017 and ongoing) evokes a synthesis of opposed theoretical categories among those indigenous to California.

On view through June 17th, 2017 at Pilar Corrias is an exhibition entitled "Of Humdrum Moments," by Hong Kong artist Chris HUEN Sin Kan (b. 1991).

Huen’s oil paintings are typified by his meticulous depiction of personal, and yet, commonplace occurrences observed at his home and studio. 

His works materialise as delicate scenes due to their subdued colours and light gestural brushstrokes.

Gunilla Klingberg’s latest exhibition [On view through May 13, 2017]  at Galerie Nordenhake takes its title from a passage in the collection of ruminative and evocative essays on cultural politics and ideologies When the Moon Waxes Red written by Vietnamese filmmaker and literary theorist Trinh T Minh - Ha. 

The statement “When stillness culminates, there is movement” connects to Klingberg’s enduring interest in themes such as transformation, energy and loops.

Lévy Gorvy is pleased to participate in Frieze New York for the first time under its recently formed partnership. 

Featuring works by Vincenzo Agnetti, Josef Albers, Lee Bontecou, David Hammons, Seung-taek Lee, Carol Rama, Joel Shapiro, Pat Steir, Frank Stella, Rudolf Stingel, and Günther Uecker, its selection focuses on the tactile immediacy of surface.