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Filmed two months ago on Rio de Janeiro's TEDGlobal, Brazilian street artist & activist MUNDANO presented his 5-minute talk on TED entitled " trashcart?" uploaded today on TED Talks.

MUNDANO's work makes people stop and think about the issues swirling around them everyday.

In 2007, he began using his graffiti skills to paint "carroças," the wooden and metal carts used by the trash collectors or "catadores" as they are known throughout Brazil who haul off junk and recyclables.

But while "catadores" provide a vital service that benefits all, they are nearly invisible as they roam the streets.

MUNDANO painted 200 carroças and in the process made these invisible superheroes visible—not only in the streets, but also in the media.

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WUM NEWS MIAMI–Locust Projects is wishing the Miami art community a fantastic 2014-2015 holiday season showcasing a photograph by Marylin Loddi with an installation view of the current exhibition by Simón Vega and action performance of the Peter London Global Dance Company with Sarah Crowner, Sari Carel and Exile Books, in Sunday in the Park, 2014 at Locust Projects.

WUM NEWS MIAMI– One of the highlights of Miami's most notable museums, the Pérez Art Museum Miami, PAMM's had its first year anniversary this month during Art Basel Miami Beach Week presenting in its already iconic waterfront building an immersive event featuring the first U.S. performance by Future Brown with live vocalist Kelela.

Vernáculo comes from Future Brown's debut album on Warp Records slated for release February 23/24, 2015.

"When I first started out as an artist, I was constantly comparing myself to the people I looked up to. I was so afraid to share anything I had done, because it wasn’t even close to what my idols were creating. When I finally realized that I was harming myself and my growth as an artist by comparing myself, I started to grow quickly. Everyone has their own story, their own influences, and their own experiences.

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The Rebel King, Ignorance

By Paramahansa Yogananda

O Transcendent Teacher, in the chamber of soul stillness I asked Thee:

What is sin?

Thine essential silence became secret articulations

of my intuition; I understood Thine answer:

Sin is the rebel king, Ignorance.

Washington, D.C.–On view through February 8th, 2015 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC, is the work of American artist Richard Estes (Art Institute of Chicago '56) who is considered to be the foremost practitioner of photorealism and also known as the premier painter of American cityscapes.

Estes, 82, worked for a decade after his graduation from college as a commercial illustrator and layout artist in Chicago and later in New York.

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The Pérez Art Museum Miami, PAMM has announced today that it will offer a new, two-week winter camp this month of December for 8-12 year olds.

PAMM Winter Art Camp will provide children the opportunity to explore art and architecture using PAMM’s exhibitions and state-of-the-art building as inspiration, in a fun and engaging environment.

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News reports suggesting Pope Francis said dogs can go to heaven grabbed headlines last Friday. 

But in an example of getting lost in translation, the pontiff never actually commented about whether pets get a pass to the afterlife — an idea that gained traction among animal lovers and roused theologians. 

The confusion began when Pope Francis last month spoke broadly about the world during a speech later posted to the Vatican's website.

Art Matters, an organization "that assist artists who make work intending to break ground aesthetically and socially" has announced the 2014 recipients of its fall 2014 grants. 

The foundation awarded 28 grants ranging from $3,000 to 10,000  to artists for specific projects, travel and research. 

The Miami-based artist Christy Gast asked for support to develop a scent that facilitates inter species communication between humans and beavers in Tierra del Fuego.

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It is really unfortunate that my iTouch St. Tropez did not record the one-hour uninterrupted art talk given on Friday, December 5th, 2014 by artist Lawrence Voytek during ArtSpot Miami 2014.

I found out that the microphone is broken, after all these years of recording monologues and doing many interviews, I just ordered a new one.