The London-based gallery Pilar Corrias has announced participation [from September 7th to December 11th, 2016] of gallery artists Koo Jeong A and Rachel Rose at the 32a Bienal de São Paolo entitled "Incerteza Viva" at Parque Ibirapeura.

Koo Jeong A’s installation entitled "ARROGATION (2016)" is a skate park designed for public use that can be seen from inside the Biennial Pavilion. 

Built in the Ibirapeura Park, the skate park phosphoresces every night, highlighting the importance of the skateboarders’ presence in the Ibirapuera and inviting them to experience a different kind of space. 

Having previously designed two skate parks, the artist is drawn to their sculptural form and their ability to promote human interactions and combine different contexts.

Via The New Yorker By Dana Goodyear

Throughout his career, in paintings and in sculptures, Michael Heizer [b. Berkeley, California 1944] has explored the aesthetic possibilities of emptiness and displacement; his voids have informed public art from the Vietnam Memorial to the pits at Ground Zero.

From September 8th to November 8th, 2016 the Miami-based contemporary art gallery Spinello Projects will present a solo show entitled "Power-Line" by Argentinian-born artist Agustina Woodgate– her fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. 

Power-Line is an installation of two new critical works — National Times and $8.05 — that explore timekeeping as labor and value.

From September 3rd, 2016 to January 29th, 2017 Sean Kelly Gallery artist David Claerbout will be having a major one-person exhibition entitled "FUTURE" to inaugurate the new wing of the De Pont Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Seven years ago, Claerbout (b. Kortrijk, 1969) exhibited at De Pont for the first time. The Shape of Time, comprising ten video installations, left an indelible mark.

From September 7th to October 9th, 2016, the NYC-based gallery Brennan & Griffin will present a solo exhibition entitled "Worms Turns Atmosphere" by American-born artist Heather Guertin (b. 1981)– her second solo with the gallery and her first at the gallery's new location on122 Norfolk Street.

For this exhibition, Guertin [M.F.A. '08, The School of the Art Institue of Chicago] debuts six large paintings in which the oval plays a fundamental role.

On view through October 2nd, 2016 at the SCAD Museum of Art is the exhibition entitled “Mildred Thompson: Resonance, Selected Works from the 1990s,” an exhibition featuring artwork by prolific American artist Mildred Thompson (1936–2003). 

Over several decades, Thompson devoted her artistic practice to exploring and expanding the language of nonrepresentational abstraction.

The prestigious Zurich-based gallery Eva Presenhuber has announced the second solo exhibition of L.A.-based American artist Michael Williams to take place in the exhibition spaces at Maag Areal from September 1st to October 22nd, 2016.

In this new group of paintings Williams [b.1978, Pennsylvania] brings together some of the various modes of painting he's developed over the last decade to offer a darkly humorous view of the daily confusions and contradictions of contemporary life.

Taryn Simon is an enigmatic and groundbreaking artist whose practice involves rigorous research and investigation into the power and structure of secrecy, often underscoring our operational and emotional vulnerabilities. 

A conceptual artist working primarily with image and text, Simon breaks form with her first ever directed performance in which she considers the anatomy of grief and the intricate systems that we devise to contend with the irrationality of the universe.

From August 3oth to October, 2nd 2016, the Ayala Museum in Makati City, Philippines along with Silverlens Galleries will present an exhibition by Malaysian-born artist Yee I-Lann [b.1971]. 

Yee I-Lann: 2005-2016,  is the first solo show for a Malaysian contemporary artist at the Ayala Museum. 

Curator Dr.

From August 31st to September 10th, 2016, a documentary film entitled "The Orchid Seller" directed by Lorenzo Vigas– who was named last month to the jury for the main competition of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, VIFF– will premiere globally at the 2016 VIFF featuring the life of his father who was one of Latin America's most prominent artists, the Venezuelan-born Oswaldo Vigas [1923-2014].